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God provided me a parking space!

So yesterday our organist, Leora Nauta, performed a recital at one of our sister parishes, St. Andrew’s in Brookside. Many St. Paulites, including me, were planning to attend. Having finished up most of my work a bit early, I decided to go to my gym, which happens to be just a few blocks south of St. Andrew’s, and get in about 45 minutes on intense cardio-challenge before the recital.

An aside, both my internist and my insurance company got on to me last year for attaining my highest weight ever. Apparently, that is not a beneficial goal at my age. Finally, taking their concerns seriously, I embarked upon a strategy for healthy living in August of 2014. 38 pounds lighter at this point, I think my physician and my insurance company should be happy I took their advice seriously. Coincidentally, yesterday morning my insurance company informed me that my social security number, my date of birth, my address, my shoe size, my mother’s maiden name, my bier preferences, etc had been pilfered  from their computers by some outside hacker. However, they offered, I should be relieved the miscreant  did not get my personal medical information. Yeah, I know these computer hackers are really disappointed they were somehow foiled in their attempt to get my cholesterol numbers and my glucose test results, my most recent PSA score, not to mention my weight, which I would happily provide them if they just asked nicely. I am sure not getting my medical records as well as those of millions of other Episcopalians (yes, this company is the primary carrier for all Episcopal employees) really spoiled their day! I am sure they are disappointed they only have all of my essential biographical info and my SSN. Having already safely negotiated the Target and Home Depot computer hack-attack, I am wondering how long my luck will hold? I am not so happy with Anthem BC/BS today!

Anyway . . . back to the story . . . So I went to the gym and got in a good 45 minutes of elliptical and stationary bike work and was clean and ready to arrive at the recital with time to spare. Luckily I had time to spare. I was feeling a bit weak in the knees; I did not consume enough calories in the morning or at lunch and I could tell it after the workout. I decided to go to Bella Napoli or Roasterie and get a pastry to get me through the recital. I knew I would have time if parking did not create a problem. As I crossed 63rd St, I realized there was a parking spot immediately available at the corner. A block south of the Roasterie and Bella Napoli, I decided I would be good and go into the CVS pharmacy across from my amazingly unexpected and perfectly located parking spot and get a protein bar, which would contribute, after all, a better distribution of nutrients than a croissant–I really am trying to be good. I walked into CVS to the row where the protein bars are displayed. As I rounded the aisle, what did my wandering eyes land upon . . . four bottles of Boulevard Chocolate Ale. I have never been able to buy a bottle of this wonderful seasonal of the Boulevard Brewery. Every time I go some place where KC myth suggests a shipment has been recently dropped, I learn I am moments too late for the last bottle has been sold. There I stood, protein bars behind me and Chocolate Ale in front of me, four bottles. I quickly grabbed all four bottles and turned to get my protein bar. But I had no free hand. Knowing it would be uncouth to chug a bottle of the Chocolate Ale before attending my organist’s recital (though the nutrient values are excellent), I realized my virtues were being tested. “Where,” I asked my self, “is my generosity? God put that parking place there for you which inspired you to come into CVS in the first place. Self, are you going to be greedy? God wanted you to have some Chocolate Ale, not all the Chocolate Ale.” Reluctantly and slowly, I replaced one bottle of Chocolate Ale which allowed me enough dexterity with my right hand to grab the requisite protein bar. Hopefully, like me, the next person who discovered this treasure trove of Boulevard’s best would be one who had never enjoyed the thrill of buying Boulevard’s Valentine seasonal. To borrow from Ben Franklin, “Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy!” Yesterday, God provided me a parking spot to make it so!

By the way, Leora “pounded” the keys and made the organ at St. Andrew’s sing!

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