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Ash Wednesday

A full beginning to this holy season of Lent.  We had faces in the congregation at each service that were new.  One young self-AshWednesday 2016identified Roman Catholic woman visiting (she had seen the video invitation) for the first time  commented to Mother Megan she had “never been to a mass where a woman participated as a priest.”  She seemed very pleased with her experience.  We hope she will visit again.  I took ashes to a parishioner in the hospital.  On keeping a doctor’s appointment after that visit, a woman in the doctor’s office lamented that she would not be able to get ashes this Ash Wednesday.  As it happened, I had ashes from the hospital visit in my pocket.  So be it!  The journey has begun.

We are packing our offices in preparation for the deconstruction that will precede the reconstruction of offices, choir room, nursery, parish hall, garden room, etc.  While adding to the busyness of Lent, maybe this is a right discipline for Lent–tear down the old in preparation for God constructing the new.  It will not be easy, it will not be painless, but it will make for a new creation!

a luta continua

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