A tap on the shoulder

an embrace

a kiss on the cheek

a gripping handshake

a whack on the back

a smile

greeting you and you and you and you . . .

time loses its grip

Only a moment from so long ago

I slip through the wrinkle . . .


all of you

I dreamed with you and I explored with you

I hoped with you and I imagined with you

I danced and played and made mischief with you

I ached with you and I cried with you

I suffered with you and I grieved with you

I revolted and rebelled and made mutiny with you

I wondered with you and I wandered with you

I loved you and I lost you

Now, two score and five years later–plus or minus, we were all moving around so damn much—together again

Through the looking glass

I see you and you and you and you . . . and me




sacred time

then and now

what would I change








Time grips again

you and you and you and you . . . and me

through (or with) the wrinkle of time

back to the present


then and now


who knows where the time goes?


Note: My high school reunion was this past weekend in Atlanta.  Classmates from 1957 to 1992 joined in celebrating the special times and relationships we shared at Stuttgart/Ludwigsburg American High School in Stuttgart, Germany.  We are all children of soldiers or civilians who served the needs of the US Department of Defense.  BRATS we all and proud of offering our services to the country as children who followed our parents all over the world.  Of the over 300 in attendance,  at least a fourth of us went on to serve in one branch or another of the military.  It is an amazing group of people and I am honored to be a part of the community of Military BRATS.




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